Death Planning Guide

Physical Death

Thinking about your last days and hours may be difficult. Considering different options and scenarios presented in this Section can ease some of the anxiety. The benefit to expressing your desires is the ability for your loved ones to act on your behalf fulfilling your wishes instead of wondering what would make you more comfortable and content.

Death Planning Guide

Let's Consider Physical Death Preparedness

Often death can be predicted by healthcare or hospice providers. Considering who you would want present, if you want your pet with you, music playing and other options Final Roadmap presents allows you some control. Communicating your wishes has the ability to make physical death a calmer experience for you and your loved ones.

Consider This

Preferred Location of Death

Only 27% die at their preferred location


How Final Roadmap Can Help You Prepare

Help Control Where You Would Prefer to Die: Your Home? Hospital? Other?

Instruct Who You Would Like In The Room With You Including Pets

Balance How Much Pain vs. Awareness You Will Experience

Plan Your Final Moments Including Ambiance and Traditions

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