Final Message to Loved Ones


In this Section you can attach personalized individual letters, audio files and videos. We make leaving letters or uploading messages simple. The items can be distributed automatically upon your designeeā€™s direction after your death.

Letters to Loved Ones After Death

Things to Consider About Messages For Loved Ones

There are many possibilities to take advantage of this Section. Write your own death notice or just leave suggestions for content and anecdotes; Write a heartfelt letter of forgiveness; Craft individual letters to each of your children letting them each know what made them special; Remind a friend of a shared experience and how it made you happy; Create a video saying goodbye; etc. One Final Roadmap Member wrote his daughter after they had dinner one evening telling her how much he enjoyed her company and their conversation. He called us the next day to say just knowing that she will receive that letter after he dies was by itself worth getting Final Roadmap.

Most people leave instructions that their parting messages will be distributed immediately after death. Be yourself as they knew and loved you. Let them know what they meant to you, what you wish for them and what lessons you hope to leave with them.

Consider This

Here’s a humorous example of how you might not want to leave a message after you’re gone:


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