Medical End of Life Plan

Medical Care

Most Americans want to die at home, free of pain and surrounded by loved ones. While you may not always have that option, there are three things you can do to help ensure you have maximum control over medical care at the end of life, and they are the same whether death is sudden or well-anticipated.

  1. You must consider what you would want under common medical scenarios.
  2. You must communicate these wishes to other people, or at least one other person, in a concerted manner.
  3. You must designate someone who fully understands your wishes and is willing to carry them out and make medical decisions if you cannot speak for yourself.

Final Roadmap will assist you with this and many other important issues that will help ensure that you get the care you want. All the care you want, the kind of care you want and only the care you want.

End of Life Care Plan

Things to Consider About End of Life Medical Care

Clearly laying out the choices you have made about your end of life care gives you – and your loved ones – a way to effectively participate in medical decisions. Advance care planning involves reflection, discussion and communication before treatment take place. Our Medical Care Section will guide you through this process and toward control over your medical care. This can bring a measure of calm and certainty to yourself and the people who love you. No matter how well people know you, your desires for end of life care may not be clear. When you make choices ahead of time, put them in writing, and communicate them to your family, loved ones and providers you give them the gift of not having to make difficult, uninformed decisions on your behalf.

Consider This

“90% of people say that talking with their loved ones about end-of-life care is important. 27% have actually done so.”
The Conversation Project National Survey (2013)

  • The chances are 9 times greater to experience prolonged grief if a loved one dies in ICU vs hospice
  • The chances are 5 times greater to experience prolonged PTSD if a loved one dies in ICU vs. hospice

The California Healthcare Foundation

How Final Roadmap Will Help You Prepare

Communicate Your Wishes for Preservation of Life

Designate a Healthcare Surrogate to Carry Out Your Wishes

Ensure That Your Advance Directives are in Place

Address Hospice and Comfort Care

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