End of Life Planning Works

How Final Roadmap® End of Life Planning Works

Let's explore the Final Roadmap® Toolkit and dive into each Section to learn how it will help you Consider, Document & Communicate your wishes.

Straightforward, Comprehensive, Secure

Purchasing a Final Roadmap® Toolkit encourages you to consider your wishes and allows you to communicate them to your loved ones. It also gives you access to your own digital vault, over which you have total control. Each Section contains questions for you to consider. Answering, or even contemplating, these questions will help you prepare for the time when you are unable to speak for yourself including after your death. You will have the ability to update your Toolkit as often as you please, adding or deleting whenever you wish over your lifetime. You will be able to privately share any or all information to others with confidence. In addition to being stored in a secure sever, everything you enter into your Final Roadmap® is encrypted.

As a Final Roadmap® Member, you will have full command over which specific items each Designee is able to view within each Section. A Designee is someone you allow to have access to one or more of the components of your Final Roadmap®. You can have multiple Designees and they can include loved ones, professional advisors, medical professionals, or attorneys. Designees may view, but not change, the items to which you permit access.

Let's Take a Look at Each Section and How They Help You Consider, Document & Communicate Your Wishes

Medical Care

Our Medical Care Section will help you take control of your medical wishes ensuring you receive the care you desire and empowering your loved ones to act on your behalf with confidence.

Consider what you want under common medical scenarios such as:

  • Do you want to be put on a ventilator or be kept alive by artificial nutrition through a feeding tube?
  • Do you want to set a time limit for these situations?
  • Have you considered the distinction between “treatment” and “care”?
  • Do you know the difference between Hospice and Palliative care, and when you should go?
  • Do you want to donate your organs, tissue or body?

Create, store, view, share and print critical health-related documents:

  • Create a “My Intentions for Medical Care” document
  • Designate a healthcare surrogate to carry out your wishes
  • Upload, share and securely store your Advance Directives

Communicate your medical wishes  so your family, loved ones and providers know your wishes while you are heathy:

  • Create and store a list of questions your surrogate should ask
  • Decide what decisions you wish them to make based on the answers to those questions
  • Create and store your wishes for Preservation of Life, as well as Limitations on Preservation of Life
  • Communicate why life is worth living to you, and what conditions would change your mind

Physical Death

The Physical Death Section will help you consider, document, and communicate your wishes when end of life is near.

Consider how you want your last moments to be:

  • Where would you prefer to die? Home? Hospital? Hospice?
  • Who do you want to be there?
  • Do you want there to be music?

Advise on What You Want Your Experience to be:

  • What pain medication options you want available
  • Who you want by your side
  • What the ambiance should be

Communicate your wishes to your loved ones when end of life is near:

  • Where you want to die
  • Who should be there
  • What medication your doctor should administer

Visitation and Services

The Visitation and Services Section will give you the steps you need to plan your funeral, celebration of life, or memorial service.

Consider Your Celebration of Life or Services Wishes:

  • Do you want a celebration while you are still alive?
  • Do you know what type of burial you want?
  • Have you thought about the pictures that you want to be displayed?

Create a central location for your memorial service wishes:

  • Who you wish to speak at your service
  • What type of memorial service you want
  • Create a folder for the pictures that you want to be showcased at your service

Communicate your wishes for a final goodbye:

  • Plan a final party to celebrate your life
  • Appoint the “go-to” person to ensure that your wishes are met
  • Outline what you have planned for your funeral budget

Messages For Loved Ones After Death

Attach letters, audio, and/or video for as many individuals or groups as you wish

Write your thoughts in narrative form to be distributed upon death

Distributed your messages automatically via email upon your designee’s direction

Final Message to Loved Ones

EndCast™ Notifications

Interactive list of loved ones with secure contact information

Write your own obituary or leave suggestions with regard to its content for your loved ones

Direct your loved ones as to where you would like your death notice or obituary to appear

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