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Final Messages to Loved Ones

Proper end of life planning will give you peace of mind knowing that your wishes and instructions are communicated to your loved ones, leaving them with memories instead of problems.

Once you have taken care of the financial, medical and logistic decisions, you can consider other things that can make your inevitable passing easier for those left behind, including messages for loved ones. A letter or video to people special to you can be a wonderful and lasting gift.
There are many things you may have said to loved ones at some point that you would like to reinforce or sustain. Those could begin something like…

“One of my very favorite memories was the time we…”
“I want to share some of the reasons you were a person I admired above most others…”
“One of the best blessings I ever received was when you…”
“Now that I’m gone, I hope you feel the piece of me I left with you…”
“Dear Xxxxxx, I want you to know that you were always my favorite…” (You can copy this one and send it to all your grandchildren!)

Many of us leave things unsaid because they are just too uncomfortable or embarrassing for us or the recipient. So, allowing your message is to be delivered after you are gone can be most helpful. Such videos or notes could include…

    • An apology
    • A secret
    • Confirmation of a suspicion
    • Forgiveness

Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne is the co-founder of Final Roadmap, a secure, comprehensive online guide and toolkit for end of life preparation. Steve is passionate about preaching the importance of planning. He is an entrepreneur and businessman. He has started numerous small businesses and has a track record of outstanding customer service and customer sensitivity. His volunteer resume includes working with hospice patients and adults with special needs.

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