Funeral Pre Planning

Visitation / Services / Remains

This Section of Final Roadmap encourages you to consider and communicate your wishes for gatherings following your physical death. Celebrations of life, home visitation, Shiva, wake, funeral, etc. as well as disposition of physical remains including burial, cremation or recomposition are covered here.

While unpleasant to consider, there are many stories of family members spending a great deal of money while they are emotionally overwrought. Too often, these expenditures are true hardships and/or the source of great regret. Planning can prevent these problems.

Funeral Pre Planning Guide

Let's Consider Visitation and Services Preparation

Final Roadmap encourages you to consider what you would like for yourself (with helpful suggestions and ideas), what kind of support your loved ones might find most comforting as well as family customs you may wish to incorporate.

Often, people are reluctant to talk about death or money, but your Final Roadmap encourages you to communicate in thoughtful manner, with as much privacy as you desire. Again, you provide the best comfort for those left behind by telling them how to honor your wishes.

As with all aspects of end of life, your directions are gifts to those who love you. Details provided in this section will allow your loved ones to celebrate your life and grieve your death rather than fuss or fight about what your wishes might have been. Those who love you want to honor you and letting them know how to do that is both priceless and pragmatic. There is enormous comfort in being able to carry out the final wishes of someone you love.

Consider This

The national median cost of a funeral with viewing and burial for calendar year 2016 was $8,500

The cost does not take into account cemetery, monument or marker costs or miscellaneous cash-advance charges, such as for flowers or an obituary.

How Final Roadmap Will Help You Prepare

Plan Your Celebration of Life, Visitation and Services

Control Your Burial or Cremation Wishes

Communicate Your Plans to Your Loved Ones

Designate the Money to Be Spent on Your Burial and Services

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