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Can the people who work at Final Roadmap® access my documents?

No. Final Roadmap® has multiple levels of security which prevent anyone you do not expressly allow, including us, from seeing your Final Roadmap®. Therefore, it is very important that you either print your documents or allow specified others to have electronic access. It is easy to do this and can be done both per document and per designee. In other words, you decide precisely who can see what. In addition, you receive an email alert every time one of your designees goes into your Final Roadmap®.

Of course, Final Roadmap® makes no demands. It is your tool and can be used only to generate conversation. There are no requirements.

Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne is the co-founder of Final Roadmap, a secure, comprehensive online guide and toolkit for end of life preparation. Steve is passionate about preaching the importance of planning. He is an entrepreneur and businessman. He has started numerous small businesses and has a track record of outstanding customer service and customer sensitivity. His volunteer resume includes working with hospice patients and adults with special needs.

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