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End Of Life Planning Guide

Final Roadmap® created this free guide for you, your family and loved ones. If you are lucky enough to still have living parents, finding out their end of life wishes can help prevent family discord in a highly emotional and stressful time. Let's explore the individual sections of our guide. Below, you will find a simple form so we can send your free guide to your email address.

A Comprehensive Peace of Mind Planner

Purchasing a Final Roadmap® Toolkit encourages you to consider your wishes and allows you to communicate them to your loved ones. It also gives you access to your own digital vault, over which you have total control. Each Section contains questions for you to consider. Answering, or even contemplating, these questions will help you prepare for the time when you are unable to speak for yourself including after your death. You will have the ability to update your Toolkit as often as you please, adding or deleting whenever you wish over your lifetime. You will be able to privately share any or all information to others with confidence. In addition to being stored in a secure sever, everything you enter into your Final Roadmap® is encrypted.

As a Final Roadmap® Member, you will have full command over which specific items each Designee is able to view within each Section. A Designee is someone you allow to have access to one or more of the components of your Final Roadmap®. You can have multiple Designees and they can include loved ones, professional advisors, medical professionals, or attorneys. Designees may view, but not change, the items to which you permit access.

End Of Life Planning Questionnaire

1 Medical Care
2 Legal and Financial
3 Physical Death
4 Visitation and Services
5 Messages
6 Notifications
  • Medical Care

    Our Medical Care Section will help you take control of your medical wishes ensuring you receive the care you desire and empowering your loved ones to act on your behalf with confidence.
    What is this?
    Informing your physicians and caregivers on your healthcare wishes and your thoughts on quality of life will help ensure that medical decisions are made with your wishes in mind if you are unable to speak for yourself.
    What is this?
    A healthcare surrogate is the person you appoint to make healthcare decisions on your behalf when you are unable to speak for yourself. The choice of a surrogate can be the single most important decision you will make in considering end of life.
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    Quality of life is unique to each individual and can only be truly defined by you. Considering what it means to you is very important in determining what you want for end of life care. Some questions that will help in your definition…Would you wish for your physical life to be preserved at any cost and with the use of any and all technologies? What makes life worth living for you? What are the 3-5 things you must be able to do/feel/enjoy to consider life worth living? What would be an unacceptable physical or mental existence?
    What is this?
    All adults in the U.S. can sign up to be an organ donor. You can identify yourself as an organ donor on your drivers license but you should also make sure all your healthcare providers and your family know whether or not you want to donate.

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