End of Life Financial Planning

Legal and Financial

Successful planning goes far beyond legal documents.

Our goal is to help you leave memories, not problems. The Legal and Financial Section will help you consider, document, and communicate your legal and financial wishes.

End of Life Legal Planner

Let's Consider Legal and Financial Preparation

Financial and legal documents are a critical component of end of life planning. Thoughtful, careful preparation on your part can save loved ones a lifetime of confusion and hurt. 

Final Roadmap sets you on the path to organizing and evaluating the status of your legal and financial preparation. It assists you in determining whether you need to create or update legal documents and/or your financial plan.

The legal portion of this section walks you through a review of your estate planning documents, living will, advance directives, and durable power of attorney for healthcare.

The financial portion provides a secure vault to store information, documents, passwords, etc. and makes it easily accessible to those who will need them when you are unable to communicate.

Additionally, this Section will

– help your loved ones in the administration of your estate;
– provide you with the opportunity to review, organize and file personal information;
– allow you to leave instructions, i.e., for care of pets, stopping social media, where to find life insurance info, military veterans paperwork, etc.;
– be a “go to” place to access important personal information.

Consider This

 Legal documents, while important, are not intended to address end of life in a comprehensive way.


How Final Roadmap Will Help You Prepare

Evaluate the Status of Financial Documents

Determine Which Legal and Financial Documents you Need to Create

Assist Your Loved Ones in the Administration of Your Estate

Store and Access Important Legal Documents & Personal Data

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