Don't Be Caught Dead Without This Tips and Guidance for End of Life Planning

Don’t Be Caught Dead Without What?

By Steve Byrne

Building Final Roadmap® has been a labor of love, years in the making. Working in healthcare for over three decades Kerry Shannon, our cofounder, witnessed firsthand many of the challenges around dying in America today. Convinced that most issues arising at end of life can be prevented or alleviated with planning, we set out to create a better way. While studying for her master’s degree in bioethics at Loyola Medical School to help formulate the content of Final Roadmap®, Kerry stated, only partly in jest, “I hope no one gets caught dead without this”. As this produced a good chuckle from many, we decided this would be the name of our blog and newsletter.

This is an auspicious time in the end of life arena. Daily we learn about the deaths of renowned public figures from the ‘Greatest Generation’. Baby Boomers are considering their mortality through Celebrations of Life, Death Cafes, and alternatives to traditional burial. The media is giving more attention to the importance of end of life planning. Finally (no pun intended) talking about dying is losing its stigma and discussing death is no longer taboo.

At Final Roadmap® we try to help you to think about what you want for yourself. I hope you find the following thoughts helpful.


Funeral Roadmap Series: Traditions, Customs, Preparation, and Etiquette to Celebrate Life

As the world we live in becomes smaller and more intertwined, we are bound to encounter cross-cultural funeral traditions. Maybe you’ve been invited to celebrate the life of a friend or colleague, or you want to respect the wishes of your loved ones by giving them a proper send-off. Perhaps you’re searching for inspiration for…

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Death by Design Podcast: 🎧Fascinating End of Life Perspectives and Entertaining Stories

Kimberly: I’m Kimberly C. Paul. As I travel throughout each state, I realize that death is just a moment. It is how we live until that moment that matters– finding a connection with friends, family and complete strangers. Journey with me.  This is the Live Well Die Well tour. First of all, thank you so…

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Final Roadmap Founder to Speak at the Live Well Die Well/Grief Dialogue Los Angeles Event

The Live Well Die Well tour, presented by the Grief Dialogues, is making a stop in Los Angeles on February 6, 2020. Final Roadmap is proud to be amongst the passionate and forward-thinking groups putting this event together. Steve will speak to both issues in his presentation ‘Can End of Life Planning Mitigate Grief?’ The…

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How to Express Condolences
(without sounding like a sympathy card)

Finding the right way to express condolences can be a challenge, to say the least. However, whether it’s by offering a few kind words or by volunteering your help, there are many ways for expressing condolences and showing support. There are also ways NOT to express condolences. We offer a few examples of what to…

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The Last Gift They Will Ever Need

Any of this sound familiar?  Your parents are insisting that they do not want a Christmas present, they are all set You must find the perfect gift for a loved one who has everything  You love giving special gifts that are invaluable You enjoy finding the perfect gift, even if it’s unconventional Bet they don’t…

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Tips for End of Life Planning

Thanksgiving Holiday – Grab a Turkey Leg, Lift a Glass, and Start the Conversation

Thanksgiving is arguably the only U.S. holiday where families, traditional and nontraditional, regardless of faith, gather to enjoy a meal and perhaps an adult beverage, share stories, and reflect on their blessings.  Additionally, the holiday is known for bringing together all of the cross-generational groups that make up today’s families—grandparents, parents, children, close friends, newlyweds…

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Letters to Loved Ones After Death

Final Messages to Loved Ones

Proper end of life planning will give you peace of mind knowing that your wishes and instructions are communicated to your loved ones, leaving them with memories instead of problems. Once you have taken care of the financial, medical and logistic decisions, you can consider other things that can make your inevitable passing easier for…

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End of Life Preparation

How to Approach “The Other Talk” with Your Parents (or Children)

So you thought the “Birds and the Bees talk” was the most awkward conversation you had with your parents? Wait until you’ve tried “The Other Talk”. Tackling “The Other Talk” can be difficult. Sex and death are two cringe-worthy topics that can bring heaps of anxiety to children and their parents. However, discussing end of…

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Helping Loved Ones After Death

Helping Loved Ones

As human beings, our nature is to nurture. We nurture our loved ones. Our loved ones include our parents, spouses and life partners, children, grandchildren, and dear friends. We nurture in many forms. Love, affection, sustenance, and guidance are typical expressions of how we care for those we love. We also look to the future…

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Funeral Pre Planning Services

Funeral Preparation

Funeral preparation and memorial services are important to us because they help to acknowledge the reality of the death of those passed, while giving us the privilege to say goodbye. So the last thing you want your funeral service to be is a burden on those you love. Are you aware that there are over 100…

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End of Life Planning Guide

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