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Don't Be Caught Dead Without This Tips and Guidance for End of Life Planning

Final Messages to Loved Ones From Heaven

Proper end of life planning will give you peace of mind knowing that your wishes and instructions are communicated to your loved ones, leaving them with memories instead of problems. Once you have taken care of the financial, medical and logistic decisions, you can consider other things that can make your inevitable passing easier for…

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How to Approach “The Other Talk” with Your Parents (or Children)

So you thought the “Birds and the Bees talk” was the most awkward conversation you had with your parents? Wait until you’ve tried “The Other Talk”. Tackling “The Other Talk” can be difficult. Sex and death are two cringe-worthy topics that can bring heaps of anxiety to children and their parents. However, discussing end of…

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Helping Loved Ones

As human beings, our nature is to nurture. We nurture our loved ones. Our loved ones include our parents, spouses and life partners, children, grandchildren, and dear friends. We nurture in many forms. Love, affection, sustenance, and guidance are typical expressions of how we care for those we love. We also look to the future…

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Funeral Preparation

Funeral preparation and memorial services are important to us because they help to acknowledge the reality of the death of those passed, while giving us the privilege to say goodbye. So the last thing you want your funeral service to be is a burden on those you love. Are you aware that there are over 100…

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Funeral Traditions by Religion

Nearly every culture since the dawn of man has had some sort of ceremonial tradition of funeral tradition or memorial service to commemorate the deaths of friends and family. And just as cultures around the world have different languages, beliefs and practices, so to do they have their own funerary customs for the loss of…

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Expressing Condolences

When someone you know is grieving or has experienced a loss, sometimes finding the right way to express condolences is not always easy. However, whether it’s by offering a few kind words or by volunteering your help, there are lots of ways for expressing condolences; showing your support and helping them out if they need…

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Funeral & Memorial Service Etiquette

Funerals and memorial services can be emotionally complex events, no matter how well you knew the deceased or how close you are to the bereaved.Knowing what to say, how to dress and what to do can be stressful. Being familiar with the etiquette involved can go a long way to making you feel comfortable to…

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How Do You Want Your Story to End?

A webinar on the importance of end of life planning……    

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Tips on How to Start The Conversation

Planning ahead can lead to peace of mind for your family. If you are lucky enough to still have parents, finding out their end of life wishes can help prevent family discord in a highly emotional and stressful time. Also, letting your children know your wishes is a wonderful gift to them. A few hours…

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What Will Your Social Media Legacy Be?

The much-used social media sites Facebook and LinkedIn recently yielded to popular pressure to acknowledge the universal truth that everyone is going to die at some point. Death does not link to social media, which is a new consideration for end of life planning. Up until this year, some grieving family and friends tried in vain to withdraw a…

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