Final Roadmap ®

The Toolkit for Peace of Mind at the End of Life

Wherever You Are in Life's Journey You Need a Final Roadmap®

Final Roadmap® is a web-based guide and toolkit focused on end of life issues. Its mission encourages you to Consider, Document & Communicate those wishes easily and safely. It allows end of life to be approached simply, privately, and securely.

Buy the Final Roadmap® Toolkit once and keep it forever.

Straightforward and comprehensive, this toolkit can be updated as much and as often as desired. This gives you, your family, friends and loved ones clarity and peace of mind during difficult times.


Comprehensive Guidance & Examples


User-Friendly Forms & Secure Document Storage


Messages and Instructions to Family, Loved Ones, Healthcare Providers and Advisors.

Medical Care

Document What Healthcare You Do and Do Not Want

Designate a Healthcare Advocate to Carry Out Your Wishes

Ensure That Your Advance Directives are in Place

Be Certain that Your Doctors Know What Quality of Life Means to You

“A lack of an end of life plan, created well in advance, typically leads to prolonged hospitalization, soaring medical bills and unnecessary pain and suffering for everyone.”
The Institute of Medicine

We thought we had everything covered, but after getting this product we realized that we missed a lot. It seems we prepared for being dead, not for end of life.

Maxine and Jim M. Age 72 Chicago, IL

Organizing your affairs will prevent avoidable hardship after you are gone. Avoid frustration and a hunting expedition for your loved ones. Including your legal and financial documents, passwords, etc. in your Final Roadmap folder will help those tasked with the administration of your estate.

Evaluate the Status of Financial Holdings Including Potential Medical Needs

Determine Which Legal and Financial Documents you Need to Create

Review, Organize and Store Your Personal Information

Store and Access Important Legal Documents & Personal Data

As a Financial Planner, I found Final Roadmap to be a valuable tool to help clients navigate end of life planning. The thorough questionnaires provide a wonderful base for client conversations and helps the planner guide the client through difficult discussions and allows specific requests that formal estate planning documents don’t provide.

Penny Marchand - Cambridge Financial Group Tucson, AZ

Physical Death

Control Where You Would Prefer to Die: Home? Hospital? Hospice?

Control Who Is With You Including Family, Minister, and Pets

Advise on How Much Pain vs. Awareness You Experience

Plan Your Final Moments Including Ambiance and Traditions

Often, death is a physical event that typically lasts minutes, hours or days and can be predicted by healthcare and/or hospice providers. Documenting your wishes will make physical death a calmer experience for you and your loved ones.

I've always been hesitant to contemplate plans for my life's end, but the way this website is laid out and written made me comfortable thinking about what I want and how to express my wishes.

Henry A. Age 58 Honolulu, HI

How great to know just what he wanted right down to the music and no open mic at the lunch!

Visitation / Services / Remains

Plan Your Celebration of Life, Visitation and/or Services

Control Your Burial, Cremation, or Recomposition

Communicate Your Plans to Your Loved Ones-from Music to Your Death Notices

Designate the Money to Be Spent on Your Arrangements and Celebrations

I like that you've thought of everything…and included examples.

Debi P. Age 55 St. Petersburg, FL

Messages For Loved Ones After Death

Create Special Notes, Videos, or Audio to be Delivered By Your Designee

Letters to your children letting them know what made them special

Remind a friend of a shared experience and how it made you happy

Your personal video saying goodbye

Final Message to Loved Ones

EndCast™ Notifications

Your Assigned Designee Can Trigger All of Your Notifications, Messages, and Instructions With Just Two Clicks

Please call these people personally after I die:

Please text or email the following to stop service/delivery:

Attached is my death notice. Please post on Facebook and transmit to the LA Times

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